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Mesh Stretcher
Pneumatic Mesh Stretcher
Pneumatic Mesh Stretcher



The Pneumatic Mesh Stretcher is the latest model developed and produced by GWI . It is characterized not only for its ingenious,practical and elegant appearance,but also for its firm structure, light weight, durability and reliability and has therefore become an un-substituting product in the silk-screen industry.

Operation Theory

Models GWC288A Mesh-Stretcher is composed by four completely same mechanic parts which are connected into a rectangle stretching area.With the chain-drive and trapezium whorl silk-pole-moving structure,the machine operator can easily control the tensile strength of the stretcher by turning the plastic covered handle.
The lamination of the frame and the stretching surface is finished by the moving of the four cylinder, The stroke of the cylinder can be used for varied thickn-ess of frames by adjusting the spiral bolt and therefore guarantee the quality of the silk net.

Mechanic Structure

Models GWC288A Mesh-Stretcher is mainly composed by the following five parts; frame,silk pole moving structure,chain driving ,structure,net collets and the pneumatic system.Each part has its special features; the frame is light and firm; the silk pole moving structure is accurate and has outstanding self-lock function;the chain driving structure is light and reasonably distributed; the net collets are composed with reliable and firm double rocker which is patented by GWI's only.Strong clamping force is the main reason to decide the quality of net stretching and our product is right beyond all other products at this point.


Mechanical stretching-mesh machine

Max mesh area: 1650×1650 mm
Min mesh area: 600×600 mm
Max tension: 50N/cm2 



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