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Air Filtration
Filter Bag For Air Filtration
Filter Bag For Air Filtration


Filter Bag

The filter bags are the key elements which determine the dust collecting efficiency and working temperature. Renewal of bags creates major cost in maintaining bag-house. So,the lifetime of qualified bag can last from two years to six years under the condition of reasonable usage.


Four Factors Affecting The Lifetime of Filter Bags


       1.Appropriate Filter Media Selection


       2.Reasonable Structure Design


       3.Excellent Sewing Skill


       4.Accurate Usage


Feature of Our Filter Bag

A team consisting of designers,administrative personnel and operators who have been trained in USA.

The sewing equipments imported from abroad.

All the related accessories with the bag designed and produced by ourselves.

Developing the advanced methods to install bags so the renewal of bag is simplified.

Selecting domestic and foreign excellent filter media according to different requirements

Exported in batch to Europe,America,Australia and so on.


Our workshop


Bag top design


Bag bottom with reinforcement


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