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Filter Cartridge
Non-standard Air Filter Cartridge
Non-standard Air Filter Cartridge


Non-standard Air Filter Cartridge: in order to meet the different requirement, we develop many new types of the cartridge

Performance Description: 
*Easy to installation and remove 
*Adapted in different air flow capacity, pressure drop 
*Conical shape easy to self-clean 
*Flow shape easy to self clean 
*Humanization installation design

Features of Standard construction: 
*Polyester/cellulose/Polyester+ PTFE membrane Flame Retardant

Performance Description: 
*Wider pleat width 
*Filter material: 80% Cellulose+ 20% Polyester 
*Flame Retardant grade for EU Standard 
*High filtration efficiency 
*Galvanized stainless metal configuration

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