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Filter Cartridge
Self-cleaning air filter cartridge
Self-cleaning air filter cartridge


Self-cleaning air filter cartridge

Features of standard construction: 
Cellulose/cellulose + fiber glass synthetic material

Performance description: 
*Wider pleat width
*High filtration efficiency 
*Filter material: 80% cellulose+20% polyester 
*Top open, bottom close with deflating bolt hole 
*Galvanized stainless metal configuration 
*Rubber seal 
*We choose the moisture-proof material for the wet climate environment; also the material is suit for the large air flow design.
*We choose the secondary filtration model for heavy dust density in the windy sand climate environment. Shower-proof felt and pre-filtration cloth needed in the pre-filtration.

Application field: 
Oxygen plant, stove blower、 air compressor station、 power plant (air intake filtration), suit for the supported host machine.

Top end
  Cap OD mm 
Bottom End Cap OD mm  Top end Cap ID mm Bolt hole mm Height
Filtration area m2  Filtration precision
  μ m 
 Rated air flow m3/h Initial resistance pa

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