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Filter Cartridge
Painting room Air Filter Cartridge
Painting room Air Filter Cartridge


Features of Standard construction: 
Cellulose/cellulose + fiber glass synthetic material

Performance Description: 
*Wider pleat width 
*High filtration efficiency 
*Filter Material: 80% Cellulose + 20% Polyester 
*Excellent ability for moisture protection 
*Top open, bottom open/bottom close with deflating bolt hole 
*Galvanized stainless metal configuration 
*Rubber seal

Selection of Material: 
*GW1 Cellulose material 
*GW1A Cellulose+ Flame Retardant material 
*GW12H Cellulose + fiber glass synthetic material

Application field: 
*Widely used in the painting workshop of ship-building, casting, large steel structure.

Filter MaterialTop end
  Cap OD mm 
Bottom End Cap OD mm  Top end Cap ID mm Bolt hole mm Height
Filtration area m2 


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