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Air Slide Fabric
Cotton Sifter Pads
Cotton Sifter Pads


Cotton Sifter Pads
Heading Filter developed this products according to the advantages of sample products from Bullet company of Switzerland, Simon company of Britain and Oaklim Company of Italy, the products is unique domestically, and its thickness, hardness, and duration have surpassed that of same products from foreign countries, now more than 1000 domestic flour mills have used this product in their high square screening machines
Airslide fabrics,Also called Air Belt or Air slide Canvas. This Air permeable fabrics is used for pneumatic conveyors of bulk materials . 
It is an indispensable part of cement plant, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, dense phase systems,air/fluid slides bulk cement tank trucks,ship and fixed cement tanks.
Material: Polyester Spun ,Polyester Multifilament, Cotton 
Max Width: 2600mm

Thickness: From 3.00mm to 25.00mm

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