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Filter Bag Production Line
Double Needle Long Arm Sewing Machine
Double Needle Long Arm Sewing Machine


Application: sewing metal ring in reverse air bag body, also can sewing filter bag top and





1)      Number of needle: two

2)      Sewing method: large vertical hook

3)      Length of arm: 860mm ( can make the length according customers special request)

4)      Diameter of arm: 200px

5)      Needle gauge: 1/2 inch、1/4 inch(standard), can make accordingly

6)      Adjusted way: change needle position groups

7)      Motor revolution: max. 1500r/min

8)      Max stich length: 6mm

9)      Presser control height: a. manual: 9mm;  b. knee: 16mm

10)  Needle bar stroke: 33.6mm

11)  Motor power: 550w

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