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Filter Bag Production Line
Auto Filter Fabric Slitting Machine Line
Auto Filter Fabric Slitting Machine Line


Application: this machine can cut large roll of fabrics into small roll in need width




1)      Fabric max. width: 2.5meters

2)      Cutting speed: Frequency adjustment 5-10meters/min

3)      Max. diameter of fabric roll: 1.2meter (special requirement need indicate)

4)      Cutting type: cold cutting (cut common temperature material)、hot cutting (both high temperature and common temperature) can be chosen

5)      Rectification way, front、back rectification, feeding part adopt oil pressure rectification, rolling part adopt motor rectification

6)      Have inspection part & counting meter

7)      Rolling way: double SS diameter rollers rolling

8)      Others: Cutting knifes with rolling part running at the same time

9)      Voltage: 380V/220V according to needs
10)    Power: 2.5kw



Whole machine line consist in three parts:

1)      Feeding part: width 2.8meter, length 0.8meter, height 1.1meter, mainly are feeding roller and front rectification

a.       motor transformation rollers, fabric feeding

b.      oil can & trails

c.       150px diameter fabric roller, can unloaded

2)      Main part of machine height 2meters, width 2.8meters, length 1.8meters. Fabric inspection、meter、control screen

a.       Large inspection plate、meter

b.      Front rectification electronic control feeding table, back rectification control cutting, rolling rectification

c.       Control system, control whole machines cutting speed

3)      Cutting & Rolling part

a.       6pieces (hot knifes、cold knifes, motor 1400r/min)

b.      Screw & motor transformation: cutting & rolling rectification

c.       Double diameter on 500px rolling roller

d.       Movable rolling plates

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