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Filter Cage Production Line
Ring Making Machine
Ring Making Machine


Model: GW-1000K




1)      Input voltage: 380V (3-phase)

2)      Power freq.: 50Hz/60Hz

3)      Rated power: 2.2KVA

4)      Ring diameter: less than 300mm

5)      Wire thickness: 2.8-6mm

6)      Cooling method: water cooling



1)      Hydraulic motor transmission, input power only 2.2KVA, smooth, fast and accurate loading,

        forward or reverse rotation

2)      Electromagnetic oil valve, high-end oil pump with custom made oil disk provides stable oil

         pressure and variable speed

3)      Capable of saving up to 15 parameters, works easily with different ring radiuses and arcs

4)      Digital display, good for accurate and fast control

5)      6-digit counter, easy to manage order quantity

6)      Reserved connector for extended functions

7)      Note: if input voltage is not 380V, a 3KVA 3-phase transformer is needed

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