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Filter Cage Production Line
Butt welder machine for ring
Butt welder machine for ring


Model: GW-HQDH-40




  1)      Input voltage: 380V(2-phase) or specified by customer

  2)      Power frequency: 50Hz

  3)      Power capacity: 40KVA

  4)      Working load: 15KVA

  5)      Wire thickness: 2.5-6mm

  6)      Control unit: KD-U08B

  7)      Cooling method: natural cooling

  8)      Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

  9)      Air flow: 150L/min



  1)      High speed, capable of welding 8000 rings per 8-hour shift

  2)      Small heat affected area, approximately 3-4mm, especially applicable for welding galvanized


  3)      This machine is not recommended to weld stainless steel rings, there is an argon arc welding

           (tig welding) machine available specificly for welding stainless steel ring, the operating method

           is the same


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