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Filter Cage Production Line
Top welder Machine
Top welder Machine


Model: GW-ST-80


1)      Input voltage: 380V(2-phase) or specified by customer

2)      Power freq.: 50Hz

3)      Power capacity: 80KVA

4)      Working load: 35KVA

5)      Air flow: 100L/min

6)      Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

7)      Cooling method: Water cooling

8)      Water flow: 3L/min

9)      Insulation grade: F

10)    Weight: 400KG

11)    GW-ST-80 is recommended when the power source voltage is relatively low and/or when

        welding galvanized wires


1)      Specifically designed cyclinder ensures stable air pressure and welding speed

2)      One-piece machine body secures its rigidity

3)      Adopting KD-08B controller and reliable welding loop

4)      Top support locating flange and adjustable stand ensures the perpendicularity between the support and cage axis

5)   Top cap welder is also applicable for welding connecting rings for multi-section cages

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