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Filter Cage Production Line
Ring Making and Welding Integrated Machine
Ring Making and Welding Integrated Machine


Model: GW-YT-6-400



1)  Input voltage: 380V(3-phase) or customized

2)  Power freq.: 50/60Hz

3)  Rated power: 18KVA

4)  Cooling: Natural cooling

5)  Air flow: 250L/min

6)  Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

7)  Wire thickness: 2.8mm-6mm

8)   Max ring diameter: 300mm

9)   Min ring diameter: a. 88mm (wire thickness less than 4mm) b. 90mm (wire thickness between 4 mm

       and 5mm) c. 105mm (wire thickness between 5mm and 6mm)

10) Throughput: about 1200pcs/hour(for ring diameter 150mm)

11) Ring diameter tolerance: less than 0.16mm

12) Weight: 1200KG



1)    Very robust and durable machine body

2)    Length controlled by encoder, higher precision

3)    Program-aided size change, quick and accurate

4)    Servo motor inside, better precision and less maintenance than hydraulic system

5)    Intelligent controlling system, easier program updating and function expanding

6)    Comprehensive self-detection, machine will stop in cases of no wire, bad weld, etc.

7)    Voltage can be customized to suit your power supply

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