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Filter Cartridge Production Line
Pleating Machine for Filter Cartridge
Pleating Machine for Filter Cartridge


Consist of:


1)      Decoiler

2)      Pre-slitting conveyor

3)      Printer

4)      Automatic counter

5)      Pleater(with pre-heating plant and control cabinet)



Technical Specification:


1)      Pleater:

Pleating height: 8-55mm

Max width: 1000mm(for the 1000mm machine)

Min width: 35mm

Pleating speed: 20-150pleats/min, adjustable

Power of motor: 0.8KW

Power of heater: 4KW

Working temperature: 0-300 Degree C


2)      Printer:

Printing speed: 200pcs/min

Size of printing marks: 6-60mm

Power of motor: 0.8KW


3)      Pre-slitting conveyor:

Conveying Speed: 0.5m-12m/min, adjustable

Power of motor: 0.55KW


Overall Dimension: 3500*1200*1120mm


Weight: 1050KG

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