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Welding Smoking Air Filter Cartridge
Welding Smoking Air Filter Cartridge


Features of Standard construction: 
*Membrane polyester/Flame Retardant cellulose

Performance Description: 
*Wider pleat width 
*Superior high filter efficiency 
*Top open, bottom open/bottom close with deflating bolt hole 
*Special ability of flame retardant 
*Galvanized stainless metal configuration 
*Rubber seal

Selection of Material: 
*GW1A Flame retardant cellulose media 
*GW224F4 Polyester +PTFE membrane media

Application field: 
*Plasma, laser cutting, welding fume for vessel, large steel structure, automobile, metal processing.

Filter MaterialTop end
  Cap OD mm 
Bottom End Cap OD mm  Top end Cap ID mm Bolt hole mm Height
Filtration area m2 


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