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How to Choose!!
How to Choose!!


How to Choose!! You can choose the cartridge made of various different materials for the different application fields and dust particle 

1. Flame Retardant Air Filter cartridge
Features of Standard construction:
Cellulose+ Flame retardant material
Polyester + flame retardant material

Performance Description:
 *Wider pleat width
 *Flame retardant grade for EU Standard
 *High filtration efficiency
 *Galvanized stainless metal configuration
 *Rubber seal

2. Oil & water Resistant Air Filter Cartridge
Features of Standard construction:
 Polyetser+ water & oil proof

Performance Description:
 Membrane on the surface of the filter material
 Performance in oil, water resistance
 Dust is hard to adhere the filter material
 Much easier to self-clean
 More times for water wash

3. Antistatic Air Filter Cartridge
Features of Standard construction:
 Polyester Material+Al foil

Performance Description:
 *Aluminum foil will be coated on the surface  on the polyester material permeability of the filter material not easy to be destroyed
 *Avoid the explode occurred by electrostatic spark
 *Avoid the adhesion. Occurred by electrostatic

4.PTFE Membrane Air Filter Cartridge
Features of Standard construction:
 Polyester Material+ PTFE membrane

 Performance Description:
 * Excellent surface
 *Excellent ability of dust cake separation,enhance air flow, reduce operation resistance
 *Extend life-span. Decrease the frequency of dust cleaning, save the cost of maintenance
 *As material has good stiffness and membrane’s high filtration efficiency. Even filtration wind speed. The stability of the material is still excellent.
*Excellent water proof performance, also has a special performance in the moist environment.
 *In the environment without oil and fire. The filter cartridge can get high filtration efficiency dispense with dust cake.

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