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Filter Cloth & Felt for Filter Press
Filter Cloth & Felt for Filter Press


We manufacture filter press cloths for most popular makes and have the flexibility to customize products according to customers needs. Our offer for filter presses includes:
overhang cloth
barrel neck cloth
special press cloth 
plate and frame press cloth


Main features:
woven fabrics made of all sort of fibers: polyamide, polypropylene, polyester, PVC etc. (also polyester disposable needle felts are available)
different yarn types (monofilament, multifilament and staple) to customize the filtering performance: cake release, flow, efficiency etc.
dimensions: all dimensions till 2500x2500 mm
Weight range: 200 - 970 g/m
Air permeability range @200Pa: 0-2800 l/dm min
Backing cloths in polypropylene monofilament with wide areal range

Clipper closureSpiral woven fabricBelt press working schemeSpiral woven fabric

GWI can supply filter presses in many sizes and configurations.
450 mm press
630 mm press
800 mm press
1000 mm press
1200 mm press
1500 mm press
1.5 x 2 mm press


Other sizes as per customer requirements

Cloths Type

OverhangSingleTwinContinuous for Tower Filter

Accessories & Details

Barrel Neck
Woven Fabric 
ISOSPAM (Special coating for abrasion resistance)



Cloth reinforcement
Needle Felt 
Woven Fabric 


Food grade 
Special polymers

Cloths with ecologically friendly water based resins 
to increase: health & safety, quality and tearing resistance


Plate connection 


Inox Eyelets 
Rubber Seal

Plastic eyelets are used to: replace metal components, facilitate disposal of used cloths, increase tearing resistance.
Two diameters available: 8 & 12 mm 




Plastic eyelets are used to: replace metal  
components,facilitate disposal of used cloths, 
increase tearingresistance.Two diameters
available: 8 & 12 mm

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